About Us

With over 25 Years of experience as a guidance counsellor. I have created personal relationships with leading Canadian Universities and elite programs. I will provide you with personalized, professional, advice, and support through the admissions process. Dependable, knowledgable, and reliable, I have served over 500 students, who have obtained coveted scholarships and entry into the most prestigious programs all over Canada.Neelu has experience consulting and guiding students to ensure their personal, post-secondary, and professional success. After completing her undergraduate at the University of Toronto with a BA,  she completed her Masters in Education at Minnesota State University.

Neelu’s first hand experience in working with students, teachers, families, and schools is extensive. She began teaching in 1994 and taught in the public, private and corporate sectors.

Neelu is well recognized in the field of college and university admissions, with over 20 years of experience in counselling both Canadian and International students. She is passionate about helping students find academic and career pathways that will help them reach their full potential. Furthermore, she has helped students find both need-based and merit-based scholarships at various colleges and universities.

Neelu takes the daunting task of applying to post-secondary education and makes it simple. These accomplishments and extensive knowledge and experience in this field allow her to set almost anyone up for success.


Why Use Us

Student Success staff have many years of combined experience in both public and private education.  Our team is well-versed in admission guidelines and practices. Our experience means we can answer your questions about programs and requirements for college or university, saving you hours of research, and insuring that you make the right choice for your skills, abilities and career goals. Our staff will also work with you every step of the way to keep your application on track and make sure that the process goes smoothly to give you the best possible chance of success.